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Skull Blossom T-shirt

  • $ 27.00 USD

  • SKULL BLOSSOM DESIGN - Designed with stunning graphics featuring a Skull with Cascading blossoms. All T-Shirts are produced with fine prints and delicate cuttings. The design consists of the fusion between a skull and cherry blossoms, which are two contradicting elements presented in a harmonious fashion. While the cherry blossom represents the metaphor of transitory nature, the skull represents toughness and bravery in the face of danger. Available in both Black and White prints.
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail and Fun Hidden Design elements
    • Reversible labels, English in front, Mandarin at the back
    • INFECTURs label stitched inside the sleeve Hem
    • Embossed Stamp on Suede Tag
  • The 30 Thread count makes this a flexible, lightweight and comfortable fit.
  • All T-SHIRTS are precision cut preventing bunching and twisting when worn and washed.
  • 100% Combed Cotton.
  • Pre-shrunk T-shirt

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